The Best Boiler Models in 2024

The Best Boiler Models in 2024

Buying a new boiler is a big investment without a doubt. So, finding the one that is perfect for your needs is vital. But, with so many new boilers on the market, how can you know where to start with your new boiler installation?

The first thing to consider is the needs of your household. Factors which are worth bearing in mind include the size of your family, the space available in which to house the boiler, whether you are planning any changes to the property and how often the heating and hot water will be used.

Choosing The Right Boiler Type

It’s important to make a decision on what type of boiler would be right for your needs, before you decide on the manufacturer which you want to go for. The two most common types of new boilers which people choose these days are small and compact combination (combi) boilers which provide instant hot water and system boilers which require a hot water cylinder for storing hot water.

The pluses and minuses of each are definitely worth exploring, in order to find out which type would best suit your needs and there is plenty of advice and guidance online. In this blog we are going to look at which are the best boiler models for 2024.

Best Boiler Models in 2024

With many years of boiler experience behind us, we have fitted all types of boiler makes and models in our time. As a result, we have been able to see which ones are the best when it comes to efficiency, reliability and cost savings.

This year, these are the ones we would recommend, based on energy efficiency, warranty period, customer reviews, cost and the manufacturers’ levels of customer service:

  • Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000 and 8000 Style
  • Viessmann Vitodens 100-w and 200-w
  • Vaillant EcoTEC
  • Baxi 800 or Platinum
  • Ideal Logic or Vogue Max
  • Alpha E-Tec

When Is The Best Time For A Boiler Replacement?

With summer approaching, now is the best time to book a boiler replacement if that is definitely what you need. After all, you are relying on your boiler less, so you won’t notice so much if you have to go without heating and hot water while the installation takes place. And boiler engineers are normally more available at this time of year because they are spending less time on boiler breakdown emergencies.

When you plan to have a new boiler installation in the summer months, it also means that you can have plenty of time to plan the whole project and get the work done at a time which is most convenient, without having to rush things because you need to use your new boiler ASAP.

Check Our Pricing and Availability

While boiler repairs can often be cheaper, if it really has come time to change your boiler because it keeps breaking down or your energy bills are sky high, then the good news is that new boilers are much more energy efficient and come with warranties of up to 12 years.

By replacing your boiler, having a boiler service or other plumbing work carried out, you could reduce your heating bill. Get in touch with a member of our team today for more details.